Quick trip to the hospital

I’m exhausted, bone crushing exhausted. My mom ended up the the cardiac ward for 24 hours. Seems to be an isolated incident so she is home w us now. All of my dad’s care fell on me and my sister. My husband and daughter were lost to me in the chaos.

BUT, as I’m falling into a hopefully restorative nights sleep, all I feel is grateful.

Grateful my mom is home and well enough to resume our lives together, with a few tweaks.

Grateful my husband and daughter handled the situation with lots of grace.

Grateful for my counselor who was available when I needed her to have an opening in her schedule.

Grateful for my sister who has a gift of dealing with really dicey situations with my father in a respectful and honor filled way.

Grateful for sunshine, and advanced medicine, for free valet and yummy food at the hospital, and for the timing of my take on the sweetsourness of life.

Most of all, I am grateful for our Creator who held me in the palm of their hand…cheering me on, reminding me of the fragility of life, and, I’m sure, reminding me to honor the sweetness in life.

This is totally the rumblings of a tired old soul. 

But, one thing has become vividly clear to me: it is possible to be grateful in all situations. And I’m grateful to realize that.

May peace be the journey.



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