Under a bench, in the dirt 

Why is this picture so compelling?

I’ve been thinking a lot about God lately. 

Thinking about trusting God and if God can protect me with free will and all, and if it’s possible to be ignored by God bc of all the needs in other people’s lives…

Now, don’t get me wrong? My head knows the right answer, 

‘Trust and obey, cuz there is no other way, to be happy with Jesus, than to trust and obey.’ 

Thank you Christian camp fires!

But seriously, I am SURE there have been times in your life like mine where we really wonder-

Does God protect me? Can I trust God?

Yesterday, my counselor was praying at the end of our session and she prayed

‘God, please help Emily remember that her name is written on your hand.’

At the time I thought, like how? As a tattoo? Does it hurt when the name got written on there? How big is God’s hand? Is everyone’s name written on there? Is there just one Emily that covers all the Emily’s in the world? And, does it really say that in Scripture? 

It does. Isaiah 49:16

I think this picture was letting me know that He can write my name anywhere. God is everywhere, my name is on His hand therefore I am everywhere He goes, and He is everywhere I go. 

Even under a bench, in the dirt. 

The mystery, timing and delivery to make this happen under a random bench does not answer all my questions. Not by a long shot.

But it does remind me that God is with me and if I pay attention I will see Him.




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