A turtle named Chuck

Once upon a time there was a town filled with turtles. The name of this town was Frozen Point.

This town was far away from all other turtle towns. 

Turtles that lived in other towns said that it was sheer insanity to live in Frozen Point. But that was not true. Only the bravest, most courageous and kindest turtles made a life for themselves in Frozen Point.

One day a new turtle arrived in Frozen Point. Her name was Chuck. She moved to Frozen Point with her husband Albert to start a new job.

It was a very exciting time for Chuck. Her new job was a lot of fun and she really liked spending her days working with Albert.

But something was missing.

Chuck needed a friend.

Chuck had a lot of wonderful thoughts and dreams that she wanted to share with a friend. 

Day after day Chuck looked out for a friend. But she couldn’t find one. 

Chuck was very sad.

Albert suggested that Chuck ask God to help her find a friend.

Chuck prayed with Albert and Chuck felt much better. That prayer time reminded Chuck that God would take care of her and that a friend would come at just the right time.

Most days Chuck stopped at her favorite lettuce bread place for breakfast. This place made the best lettuce bread and it was even vegan! (Chuck secretly thought every turtle should be a vegan. How could a turtle eat other creatures? Seriously…)

One day Chuck noticed a turtle sitting all by herself. She ordered her lettuce bread, gathered up her courage and walked right up to the turtle. 

‘I think we should have breakfast together.’

And the other turtle, named Yoli, agreed.

The two turtles had a delightful breakfast together and it was the beginning of an adventure filled friendship.

The girls immediately began meeting for lettuce bread every week.

Chuck and Yoli went to a Frozen Point Hot Springs in the middle of winter and went swimming!

They cooked holiday dinners together with their families.

Chuck found a weekly program that helped with the bad thoughts that sometimes get in our heads. They went for two years, every week, and it helped both Chuck and Yoli a lot.

Yoli encouraged Chuck to try out for her favorite part in a musical and Chuck got it. Chuck was the best turtle in the whole play, and loved hearing Yoli’s laughter in the audience.

Chuck and Yoli even took a very small plane to a tiny village that was even colder than Frozen Point. They met many new friends and did lots of crazy things. Most importantly, they talked with kids about how much God loves them and would always be there for them.

After a few years, Chuck and Yoli both felt a time for change. 

Albert and Chuck wanted to be near their families and decided to move to Rainy Bog. Chuck loves rain, and it was soon was a perfect fit for Chuck and Albert.

Yoli was very sad when Chuck left. Yoli was so sad it made it impossible to talk to Chuck. This made Chuck sad too. 

Sometimes sadness is too hard to overcome.

Chuck and Yoli are not so close anymore. They still love each other and are connected in their hearts.

It is just different now. 

Different is okay.

Chuck and Yoli have made new friends. They have reconnected with old friends. Now, they both are near their turtle families. 

Life is good. 

But Yoli is sorry the big sadness put space between her and Chuck. Chuck and Yoli were really good friends, and friends like that don’t come around every day.

Yoli is really glad for her time in Frozen Point. And she is especially glad to have had an adventurous friendship with Chuck.

Love you Chuck!



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