Dear Amy

Tomorrow I say goodbye to my therapist, Amy. 

We have been working together since August. 

Amy has decided to concentrate on her own private practice near her home. I celebrate that decision, but boy will I miss her.

 I decided to write about her tonight and read it to her tomorrow. (I hope to create an art piece to give her which I will post tomorrow if it works out.)

Amy says that therapy is a journey. But it’s not a straight forward ‘get it done’ journey. 

Sometimes you are traveling along and you see a beautiful lake so you stop there for awhile. 

Sometimes you turn around and cover the same three miles for awhile. 

Sometimes you sit in a parking lot for a month. 

The point is, you are on a journey toward health and every step on that journey is a good one. That step might be ugly or painful or just really hard, but it is a step.

Amy taught me the power of art. 

I have drawn picture after picture in these last ten months and I cannot believe how much I have learned about myself through the pictures that I draw. 

Amy taught me to breathe.

 The first time we did a breathing exercise together, I yawned at least a hundred times. Yawns get a lot of oxygen into your system. I was really low on healthy air when I first started. Now I can slow down within just a few breaths.

Amy reminded me about how much I love to sit and be. 

Through her encouragement, I created a space just for me in my home. It’s in the corner of my bedroom and has a comfy chair, an ottoman and a lamp. The second I sit there, I feel at peace.

Amy taught me about true self-care. 

I always thought self-care was doing something special, out of the ordinary, that usually cost money. 

True self-care is taking time to breathe, eating on a regular schedule, paying attention to what my body is telling me, going for a walk, getting a hug. Self care is asking for what you need, even from yourself.

I remember when I decided to start walking to reduce stress. I had downloaded that couch to 5k plan, which of course is very rigorous. Amy said, ‘Let’s start with a ten minute walk twice a week.’ I was pissed! She explained that I needed to learn to be gentle to myself, to walk because I enjoyed it. She didn’t want me to become a slave to what started out as fun self-care.

Amy helped bring out the girl in the bandana. 

This is me at my happiest- outside, in the sun, creating, and working with people I love. In this case my mom and I were creating a composting system. 

Finally, Amy says that life is like a stained glass window. 

God takes all of our broken bits and puts it together into a beautiful work of art that will bless others. I have many broken bits, and only can hope Amy is right about this. 🙂

Dear Amy,

Your piece in my stained glass window will be bright green and shaped like a circle. You showed me that God will shine brightly through my broken places, and others will be healed as they see what God has done in me. I am going to continue this journey we started together so that can come true.
I love you.

Thank you from the bottom of my healing heart.

Emily ❤️


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