Uh-oh, no wifi!

Brain fog, of the worst kind, has rooted itself deeply in my mind. Vague thoughts are flittering through the abyss that usually starts crackling when I start to write. Add to that a lack of wifi to access all the inspiration you have given me, and I am doomed. But, I promised myself to write everyday.

Today I will write of all the small things I am grateful for.

-Clean air.

I spent some time outside today. Ever since I was a child I felt polluted by inside air. After awhile I needed to get outside air to ‘unpollute’ me. I got to do that today.

-Healthy food.

For dinner we had chicken, mashed potatoes and sunflower tossed salad. It was yummy and my tummy is smiling.

Last night I had a conversation with a cashier about loving fresh cherries. We both agreed they were priced out of our pay grade. She went on, ‘It’s so expensive to eat right. My paycheck goes a lot farther on mac and cheese and chips.’ 

Tonight I’m thankful to have had a mostly healthy meal and a happy tummmy.

-Fantastic kid.

 Since late summer, my kid has had an injury that has kept us from walking together after school. Today she was able to get outside air with me.

That walk was so much fun. We laughed, talked about serious stuff and goofed off. I love spending time with her. I am thankful I can say that.


Usually, I am the first to complain about cell phones, the internet and all that stuff. (I really wanted to write ‘and all that JAZZ🎶’ but I thought it would be too cheesy.) 

Tonight I am able to wrote this foggy headed blog post because of my IPhone. I will list it on Facebook and then you can read it. Therefore, I am truly thankful for technology.

That’s it folks. I need to lay my foggy head down and hope that a good night’s sleep will cure what ails me. (Obviously the fog clears around cheesy well-worn sayings.)




2 thoughts on “Uh-oh, no wifi!

  1. I love this. So refreshing and light hearted. Well done Emily. Ok so I miss you and the family too. Love you guy’s.


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