Two girls and their dog

Once upon a time, there were twin girls named Jodi and Mindi. They were not identical twins. As a matter of fact they didn’t even look like sisters.

Jodi resembled to Inuit side of her family. She had dark hair, skin that tanned easily and she loved animals. Mindi was as fair as could be, blonde hair and loved classical music.

Being so different, it is not hard to imagine their rocky relationship. Jodi often overwhelmed Mindi with her loud, boisterous way and Mindi would be found playing her favorite classical pieces quietly upstairs in their room, greatly annoying her sister.

The girls had a dog. She was a collie they had named Brandi. Brandi was loved by both girls, but Jodi had a special connection with their dog. 

Collies love to run and they especially like to chase cars. One day, the chase ended in disaster and Brandi died.

Mindi was walking home from her violin lesson and found Brandi on the side of the road.

Mindi was devastated.

Mostly for Jodi.

She pulled Brandi to her and looked to the sky and quietly asked for help.

Hearing nothing, she started home to retrieve their garden cart to bring Brandi home one final time.

As she started up the driveway, Jodi saw Mindi. 

Seeing her twin in great distress, Jodi ran out to her sister.

As Jodi reached her, Mindi began to cry even harder. ‘She’s gone, she’s gone. Brandi is gone.’

It took a few tries but when Jodi finally understood what Mindi was telling her, she sat down hard on the ground, pulling Mindi to the ground with her.

After moments of agonizing silence, Jodi spoke two words. ‘Show me.’

Those were the last two words Jodi spoke.

Brandi was buried. Life went on. Everyone tried to get Jodi to speak. But the only communication they would get were nods of yes or no.

And they would see the deep sadness in Jodi’s eyes.

You see, Jodi truly felt that her dog was the only one who let her be herself.

Brandi didn’t expect her to loud and make her laugh. She didn’t care if Jodi was quiet. Their dog was the only one who knew that Jodi hated being loud, and at the center of attention.

Jodi thought if she wasn’t loud and boisterous, people wouldn’t love her.

But her dog loved her no matter what. 

So when Brandi died, part of Jodi died too.

What Jodi forgot is that when you are a twin, you can feel the extreme emotions of the other twin.

Mindi was the only one who could feel how horrible Jodi felt.

About a month after their dog died, Mindi sat by Brandi’s grave and once again she lifted her eyes to the sky. Mindi pleaded for help for Jodi. Again, nothing but silence.

Then, Mindi felt a nudge. She ran, got her violin, sat by the grave again and began to play,

It wasn’t something she had played before. 

It was a five note progression that sounded eerie and sad. 

Mindi felt compelled to play it over and over. It was hard to do because the music was making her feel more and more sad.

As she played, Mindi felt someone standing beside her. It was Jodi. 

Jodi said, ‘How did you know?’

‘Know what?’ asked Mindi.

‘That’s what it sounds like inside me.’ 

Jodi sat down and Mindi played for a long time.

Once she stopped playing, Jodi told Mindi about why she was sad and that their dog, Brandi, was the only one who knew the real her.

Mindi said, ‘I can’t believe it. All these years…all these years where I felt like I had to be the quiet one. You were the loud, funny one, therefore I had to be the quiet sensitive one. I HATE BEING QUIET!’

Jodi and Mindi stared at each other for a long time. And then, they started to laugh. They laughed so hard soon they were crying. Neither one could believe how ridiculous the situation was.

That day they vowed, in memory of Brandi, to be true to themselves for the rest of time.

As they walked back to the house, Mindi looked up at the sky and whispered, ‘Thank you.’


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