Ready. Set. Emoticon.

Sometimes nothing inspires me. 😒

Sometimes it’s 10:30 pm, I’ve already taken my melatonin and then I remember I haven’t written yet. 😱

There is no way that happened to me tonight. 😉

I’m coming to enjoy the peace of sitting in the dark, with my little phone typing away. It’s a continual surprise what comes out of these fingers and what people respond too. 😮

Seems that tonight I’m inspired by emoticons! 🤔

Emoticons are a pretty big deal in my life. This week I needed to convey, via text messages, concern over a very sick child, a serious message that needed to be read lightheartedly, joking with a family member in a slightly sarcastic way, and silliness with my daughter. 😰

This would have been impossible without emoticons. 💩 (Sorry I had to fit it in somewhere.)

So, in an attempt to create a tiny community movement, I’m asking you to comment on this blog with only emoticons. The challenge is – use the emoticons to describe how you are at the moment you read this. I dare you to be super honest. 😎

Ready. Set. Emoticon! 🤠


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