Google defines adventure as ‘an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.’

Funny, I never thought about an adventure being ‘typical hazardous.’ Unusual? Yes. Exciting? Yes. Hazardous… ummm no.

I am wondering if I have ever been on an adventure according to Google.

Some of the things I’ve done in my life that I would call adventures:

-Drive around the perimeter of the lower 48 in 2 months with my friend Deb. 

We saw and participated in many exciting and unusual things but hazardous?  Unless you consider camping in new places every night hazardous? Unless you consider running  out of quarters for a pay shower mid soap hazardous? Unless you consider paying 25 cents a square for toilet paper when you really need it hazardous? Then yes, that was an adventure.

-Take a train to Minneapolis for an interview where I was picked up at midnight by a man I had never met.

Okay, yeah, that was obviously hazardous so that counts as an adventure. (Got the job! The man was one of the nicest people I have met. And this was the beginning of full time ministry.)

-Dating my husband for less than two months, being engaged for six months and getting married.


Actually, as I look at my life, I’m kinda hooked on unusual, exciting and potentially  hazardous. I’m hooked on adventure.

It seems that you are part of my newest adventure, sharing my life on this blog!



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