World Manager 

‘He has called me by my name

He will not leave me nor forsake me’

It blows my mind that God knows my name, my thoughts, and even knowing that, God loves me.

I often get stuck at the beginning, forgetting that God knows my name.

I get stuck thinking that all there is, is in my head.

That leads me to think that if it’s all in my head, then I am responsible for all of it.

My job title becomes WORLD MANAGER.

That job sucks! Seriously!!

The first thing that gets sucked away – hope. 

Without hope – everything becomes meaningless…and hard…and irritating…

Until the Truth appears as whispers of a child’s song…

Jesus loves me

this I know,

for the Bible tells me so.

Little ones to Him belong.

They are weak, but He is strong.’

This song irritates me. 

I think it speaks of children as being weaker than adults, and that only children belong to God. 

My conclusion, this song is dumb.

Then, I realize I’m living in my head, as the WORLD MANAGER, again, and missed the simple truths of this children’s rhyme.

Jesus loves me and I know it. It says so in the Bible. 

Even though I am very very weak, God is strong enough to know my name, and to know my thoughts, (even the ones about being the WORLD MANAGER).

And, in some incomprehensible way…I am loved, deeply loved, by the UNIVERSE MANAGER.

In a massively important turn of events, I am reminded that it is my job TO BE WEAK, so that God can my strong. 

Damn, seriously?




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