For Kyle and Caleb

The Land of Hippos and Mermaids was ruled by brothers, Klevick and Caabrel. 

Klevick was really smart and quite the tricky one. Caabrel was strong and stubborn. 

Together, they did a good job ruling the Land of Hippos and Mermaids.

One day, Caabrel was walking through the forest in their land. He heard the strangest sound. It sounded like a rainbow singing. 

Caabrel went to find the sound. He climbed a tall hill and crossed a dark river. Soon he came to edge of the Land of Hippos and Mermaids.

Caabrel knew if he took one more step he would be on Queen Dracula’s land and that was not good. Being strong and stubborn, he  walked into Queen Dracula’s land.

This land was full of strange noises and dark shadows. Caabrel started to get really scared. Then, he heard it again… a rainbow singing…so he took a few more steps.

Caabrel found himself in a foggy field. 

There was a bright light shining on one spot in the field. The light was shining on a baby dragon.

Caabrel gasped! How could it be? No one knew that Caabrel’s secret wish was to own a dragon. 

Caabrel started towards the dragon.

‘Not so fast, Caabrel,’ came a scratchy deep voice from the side of the light.

Oh no, it’s Queen Dracula!

‘If you want the dragon, you have to give me something, something really valuable. Something like your brother’s smarts. If you take this dragon, your brother will have no smarts at all, he will be just like that tree.’

Caabrel said, ‘No way! I love my brother. I don’t want him to be like that tree!’

‘Are you sure? If he had no smarts, you would be have to be in charge of the Land of Hippos and Mermaids! 

And you would have this baby dragon, the thing you most want.’ 

Caabrel tried really hard to say no. But he really wanted that dragon, and to be in charge of everything… that would be two dreams coming true.

Caabrel shook Queen Dracula’s hand, picked up the baby dragon and headed home.

At this same exact moment, Klevick’s mind stopped working. 

Klecick’s mind was not able to tell his lungs to breathe.

Klevick died.

When Caabrel returned to the castle, all he could hear were tears of sadness.

When Caabrel found out that Klevick had died, he fell to the ground because he was so sad.

When the doctor told Caabrel that Klevick had died, because his mind didn’t know how to make his lungs work, Caabrel got really really angry!

Caabrel grabbed the baby dragon and tore through the woods looking for Queen Dracula.

He found her in the foggy field.

‘How could you kill my brother?’

Queen Dracula said, ‘He’s not dead. He is in a very very deep sleep.’

Caabrel said, ‘Wake him up!’

‘No,’ said Queen Dracula. ‘We shook hands.’

And she disappeared.

Slowly, Caabrel and the baby dragon walked back to the castle.

Caabrel set up a special bed in a special room for Klevick. It was true. Klevick was not dead. His heart beat once every thirty minutes.

Caabrel sat there, day after day, thinking and thinking.

How could he wake his brother up?

Meanwhile, Caabrel’s dragon grew.

Caabrel refused to see the dragon. It broke his heart way too much.

Even so, Caabrel’s dragon grew to be tall, strong and very good looking for a dragon. She had deep, blue skin with a bright orange fire patch across her side. 

A stable boy named her Fire. Not because of the patch, oh no.  Her name was Fire because of her attitude.

Fire had a secret.

She was a magic dragon.

She came from a magic family.

No one knew it.

To be continued…


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