'Grace?! Grace died over 30 years ago?!' 'The blessing, they want you to say the blessing!' 'I pledge allegiance to the flag...' -National Lampoons Christmas Vacation I was once told that I am hard on myself. Okay, I have been told that a bunch of times. Well, today I'm gonna give myself some grace. It … Continue reading Grace


Darkness as a positive 

Darkness. Thick and black. Covers up the choices she shouldn't make. But, the choice is still made. Fleeting thrill. Then, sunrise. The light brings only shame. Darkness is good? This is scoffingly rejected. Darkness is positive? No, darkness is when the demons come. The dark air is filled with condemning voices, angry voices, feelings of … Continue reading Darkness as a positive 

Dear Amy

Tomorrow I say goodbye to my therapist, Amy.  We have been working together since August.  Amy has decided to concentrate on her own private practice near her home. I celebrate that decision, but boy will I miss her.  I decided to write about her tonight and read it to her tomorrow. (I hope to create an … Continue reading Dear Amy